Blair Lott was born and raised in Georgia. He worked with his father on their 20-acre farm and, in fact, several generations of his family have been farmers in the South. The family grew vegetables and raised livestock and he came to value the agricultural lifestyle. There were lots of dogs in his childhood, mostly boxers and Boston terriers. At 17, Blair formed an alternative rock band, the first expression of the drive to creativity which still propels him today.

Blair attended the University of Georgia and then continued his college studies at The Art Institute of Atlanta, where he graduated with a degree in entertainment business management with a focus on music engineering and production.

Blair spent the first years of his career working in the music world—writing and performing in Athens, Georgia and then moving to Nashville and later to Melbourne, Australia. He transitioned into a livelihood as a digital media consultant. During his three years in Australia he became immersed in the wine and food scene and intrigued with the idea of making wine his vocation. After moving back to Atlanta and marrying his wife Laura, they decided to move to northern California to be closer to wine country (as well as Laura’s family).

Why found a winery premised on rescuing dogs? Blair explains that he learned to love and empathize with animals at an early age. Over time Laura had become very intrigued with how rescue dogs are, literally, rescued and fostered. On parallel tracks Blair and Laura followed their passion to grow grapes and make wine and support the world of rescue dogs. The Lotts’ goal is to share 50% of the profits with rescue dog organizations.

How did Rescue Dog Wines come to be based in Lodi? Blair explains that he and Laura explored many wine areas in California and felt that Lodi made the most sense. In Lodi, the Lotts could put their financial resources to the maximum use, producing great quality grapes and thus, wine at a great value.

As Rescue Dog Wines have been presented at rescue dog charity events around the country, Blair and Laura have felt an enormous wave of enthusiasm and interest. “The feedback we receive is phenomenal and heart-warming.  We love meeting our customers and future customers and discussing our combined love of dogs and wine,” Blair explains.

“People are initially drawn in by our mission, but end up leaving impressed with the wines,” he adds. Blair and Laura also relish their role as evangelists for the Lodi growing region.

“We’re not daunted by the competitiveness of the wine business because we feel we have a unique proposition: high value, high quality wines that support our best friends in need. Even though we have a serious mission, saving animals, we also feel like our brand is a fun one,” Blair says.

Rescue Dog Wines’ first release was Beloved Mixed Red Blend, an award-winning, Ultra-premium red blend, which was released in the summer of 2018.