Bubbly Boxer

We wanted to do something different for our second wine. (our first sparkling wine). We wanted to make a unique sparkling wine without having to add carbonation… and doing the secondary fermentation in a pressurized steel container didn’t appeal to us. We opted instead for méthode champenoise (or méthode traditionnelle). This is the method the best Champagne houses in France use to create their sparkling wines. We wanted only the best processes from the best sparkling wine maker in the region to represent one of our personal favorite rescue breeds: the Boxer. Of course, we’re a little biased as our long term rescue Daisy that we’ve had for over 10 years, is a wonderful boxer and we have been involved in fostering 3 rescues from NorCal boxer over the past year. Anyway, back to the wine. In addition to utilizing méthode champenoise in our wines production, since we are confessed foodies, we wanted to make a sparkling wine that would go well with lots of different foods… so we chose to make a very dry rosé. This wine is a great compliment to so many dishes. Anyway, please try our new méthode champenoise sparkling rosé. It is a great compliment to a special celebration or just a special Friday night or any other day of the week. We believe, and hope that you will find an extremely high quality experience in this new Sparkling Rosé!


Blair and Laura

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