Happy 4th!

Our first wine went on sale 2 years ago around July ’18. Wow! Over 3 years ago Laura and I decided to re-develop a Lodi vineyard, as well as highlight our passion as a couple to foster dog rescues (and a few cats), something we were initially involved personally with as fosters for NorCal Boxers. We blended a proprietary barrel of wine and talked about it online on our new Rescue Dog Wines Facebook page and immediately realized one barrel would not be enough… so we upped our amount to about 800 bottles not realizing that by the next year (2019) we would be bottling over 2500 cases of five different wines. (BTW We will be introducing three new wines this winter). Our RDW supporters grew online, seemingly overnight, and we have been working to keep up ever since. We have been lucky to partner with a number of fantastic local, regional and national rescue organizations who carry out the hard work of rescuing animals. Even though we are still small, we are fierce in support of our mission and will continue to create exceptional wines that appeal to a broad range of wine drinkers and rescue dog lovers, and that will help finance our mission of supporting rescue organizations. However, all the thanks go to you, our customers and industry supporters! Cheers, Blair and Laura Lott