October Is Rescue Dog Month

May 1, 2024 | News

Join Us in Supporting Rescue Dogs and the Important Work of Animal Rescue Organizations

This October, Rescue Dog Wines is celebrating our yearly campaign—Rescue Dog Month. Throughout the month, we’ll be highlighting the importance of dog rescue organizations and pet adoption. We hope you’ll join us in raising awareness of this important cause.

Why Rescue Dog Month?

Animal rescues are critically important social service organizations and they need support. Every year, millions of animals are abandoned, surrendered, or lost. These animals end up in shelters where they may not receive the care they need and are often euthanized due to lack of space or resources. We believe empathy grows from use: care for animals reminds us of our duty to care for our fellow human beings.

A recent example of a heroic animal rescue in Virginia demonstrates animal rescue organizations’ commitment to service. A legal breeding facility in Virginia was shut down in 2022 after a US Department of Agriculture inspection found nearly 4,000 beagles in horrendous conditions. 145 of those beagles—already destined for a life of medical testing—were immediately removed for what the New York Times reported as “acute distress.” Animal rescue organizations intervened and, with the assistance of government agencies, successfully rehomed over 3,700 of the dogs.

How Can I Help Rescue Dogs in My Area?

Rescue organizations play a vital role in saving neglected animals’ lives by providing food, shelter, medical care, and love to animals in need. Rescues also use their limited resources to find permanent homes where animals can live happy and fulfilling lives. But these rescues struggle. Animal rescue organizations are chronically underfunded, understaffed, and overworked. They need us to get involved. You can make any size commitment to help animal rescue organizations.

  • Foster or adopt a dog. This is the best way to support animal rescue organizations. When you foster a dog, you help them transition to their forever home. You can provide that forever home when you adopt.

  • Donate your time. A volunteer at an animal rescue organization might care for animals, fundraise, or help with events.

  • Donate money directly. Your donation can help to cover the cost of food, shelter, medical care, and overhead.

  • Buy Rescue Dog Wines. Our brand supports these fantastic organizations with 50% of the profits from our award-winning wines. As of fall 2023, we have supported over 70 organizations, which you can read about here.

Why We Support Rescue Dogs

When Blair and Laura Lott cofounded Rescue Dog Wines in 2015 to pursue their dream of making quality wine through sustainable practices, they purchased a vineyard in Acampo, CA and hoped to set aside part of that land to help some rescue and foster dogs live their own dreams. They couldn’t stop at helping some dogs, so Rescue Dog Wines was born.

If you have ever loved a pet, then you know the value of empathy for animals. Animals we don’t even know bring as much joy to our social media feeds as our family members and friends. In the words of someone from the past: “We are here on Earth to help others. What the others are here for, I don’t know.” Animals are part of our society and they need us.

So this October, we hope you will join us in recognizing, celebrating, and supporting #RescueDogMonth. Commit some time or donate to your favorite local animal rescue—together we can make a difference.

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Become an Affiliate Partner and Support Animal Welfare

By collaborating with nonprofit rescue organizations and influencers who share our commitment to animal rescue, Rescue Dog Wines been able to significantly broaden the reach and visibility of our cause. Our affiliate partnerships aren’t just about promoting our wines; they’re about a shared commitment to support and save more rescue dogs.

Women in Wine

As we celebrate the artistry and innovation that define the world of wine, it’s essential to recognize the incredible contributions of women in this industry. At Rescue Dog Wines, our mission extends beyond crafting exceptional wines and advocating for animal rescue. We’re deeply committed to supporting and uplifting the remarkable women who help shape the wine world, including our own leaders and partners.

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